JUNIOR DEANS 2017/2018:


The Junior Deans are excellent resources, if you are having any issues during your time at Trinity, whether it is academic stress, interpersonal conflicts or other problems. The Junior Deans are available just to talk, and they can also help you navigate other welfare resources as needed. Their contacts are:

lewis.anderson@trinity.ox.ac.uk (On Site, room 2/3)
bethany.white@trinity.ox.ac.uk (On Site, room 11/3)
tianqi.leng@trinity.ox.ac.uk (Nunnery 145, room 10)
alan.miscampbell@physics.ox.ac.uk (Stav, room 4)
 qinrui.wang@trinity.ox.ac.uk (Stav, room 5)
owain.james@trinity.ox.ac.uk (Rawli 16, room 5)